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KeVIN B. was born and raised in Boston, MA. After serving in the Army, he made his way back home to fulfill his dreams. Promptly after returning home, KeVIN B. began his business ventures as an event host, real estate agent, motivational speaker, and personality. Kevin earned his BSBA degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing & Branding with a minor in Legal Studies from Suffolk University. His educational path is not over as he plans to obtain his JD/MBA. Kevin has been the life of his social circles, parties, and events for more than half of his life! As a co-creator and host, KeVIN B. plans on bringing the same passion, enthusiasm, and energy to the show. KeVIN B. knows The Urban Collective Show is going to be the new voice for the city and the culture through thought provoking conversations on all issues while still having fun with a dash of ratchet!

The Urban Collective

Boston, MA, USA

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