Updated: May 9, 2018

The Urban Collective Show's Exclusive Interview & Concert Review.

"Don’t sleep on the living Legend!"

Wyclef Jean is a Haitian musician, producer, activist and an actor. Wyclef hit it big in the 1990s with his group the “Fugees” with the release of their album, “The Score.”The late 90s was the start of Wyclef’s solo career and since then, he has released over 8 albums and is currently on “The Carnival Tour”. Wyclef has won 3 Grammy awards and sold over 100 million albums and 20 million singles.

The Interview:

Before hitting the Wilbur Stage in Boston, MA for his Carnival tour on Thursday, March 1st, 2018; Wyclef partook in an interview with The Urban Collective Showon Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 and discussed his past experiences, present life lessons, and future visions for his career; in addition to sharing words to live by for young entrepreneurs. Mentioning the era when he first came out with fellow artists Khaled, Puffy a.k.a. Diddy, and the late Biggie in the 90s, Wyclef addressed why it took him 7 years to come out with his latest album, “The Carnival Tour.” Wyclef also discussed his journey migrating from Haiti, his commitment to giving back to the Haitian community, and he touched on the experience of running for President of Haiti and described a bit of what the experience was like. Furthermore, Wyclef reminded listeners that Haitians are not from a shithole place; rather we are resilient people who have shaped the country. Speaking on professional and personal accomplishments and discipline, Wyclef believes it is important to set goals and respect deadlines. Throughout his interview, Wyclef was humble and real.

To listen to the full interview: click here.

The Concert:

The Urban Collective Showhad the opportunity to attend Wyclef’s Carnival Tourat Fete Music Hall in Rhode Island. Fete music hall had the perfect set up for a live and intimate standing performance. Arriving early to secure the ideal location in front of the stage to take in a wonderful evening, The Collective was able vibe out to the tunes of the DJ, listen to a few local artists who opened up the show, and take in the powerful vocals of artists from Wyclef’s label, Heads Music.

Jazzy Amra, an R&B artist from New York City who is signed to Wyclef’s label, is currently on the Carnival Tour. Jazzy Amra also collaborated with Dave East on Slow Down. Jazzy graced the stage with her beautiful voice and sang a cover song by Emeli Sande titled, “Read All About It.” She also joined Wyclef while he sang “911” as she performed in both English and Spanish. Another group who blew the audience away as they took over the stage with Caribbean vocals and melodic ambiances to set the mood right, was a group by the name of Culture Crew. An acoustic soul pop band from Hawaii, they sang a few hits from Bob Marley, flawlessly. Their energy was amazing and had the audience singing throughout the night.

Wyclef finally came out to the stage chanting “Jiaspora,” a song released in the 90’s. Excited to see Wyclef finally take the stage, the crowd was screaming and clapping with joy; knowing they were in for a wonderful performance. Wyclef brought us to the 90’s with a few hits from his time with the "Fugees" and he took to his guitar to rock out with powerful instrumentals as well. The love that man has for his guitar is impeccable, and anyone trying to interfere with that love is in big, big trouble. Someone please call 911 because Wyclef is very talented with the guitar, a love manifested since the age of 9!

Lastly Kofi Black was another artist to bless the stage alongside Wyclef. He is featured on Wyclef’s new single:“Sak Kap Fet” which is the first single from Wyclef’s latest project, Wyclef Goes Back to School along with college studentMoira Mack.Kofi is a singer, rapper, songwriter and producer from New York City and has sung back up for artists like Mariah Carey and Joe. Listen up everyone, Kofi can sing!!!

During the night, Wyclef went through a wardrobe change and took to the stage with a relaxed outfit stating to the crowd; 48 is the new 24!!! Wyclef then announced he is going to perform his new single but before he did, he played a tribute to Kurt Cobain. And the crowd went crazy! It was at that very moment, one could finally have a chance to look around the room and see the crowd. The room was diverse; full of people from different ages and different races; all united in excitement and appreciation of Wyclef Jean, all while singing along.

Once Wyclef dropped the track to “Sak Kap Fet,” the crowd and Wyclef went wild! People had Haitian flags waving in the air and once the chorus of the song hi, it felt like hip-hop met carnival inside of Fete Music Hall. Wyclef, Kofi, and a few others hit the stage and the energy was on 1,000. Wyclef’s new single, “Sak Kap Fet” is a HIT! Trust us! The vibes were amazing all night long! Wyclef went into the crowd and interacted with everyone during the show and afterwards. One could tell Wyclef was surely in his element!

Listen to Wyclef’s new single Sak Kap Fet here.He is doing what he loves and truly loves his fans. Wyclef’s sole focus was to make everyone have a great time no matter one’s race, age, or background. He wants everyone who is with him to have a great time carnival style. The vibes with his performances, DJ, crew and artists are worth it to see in person.

Check out our CEO, Kevin who had the opportunity to be on stage with Clef during his performance! Thank you Wyclef for the exclusive interview. If the Carnival tour stops by your city please, check it out. Please follow our instagram for additional footage.

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